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Database design with UML and SQL, 3rd edition - intro.html

Basic UML & SQL

Models and languages - models.html

Basic structures: classes and schemes - class.php

Exercise: designing classes - classdesign.html

Basic structures: rows and tables - tables.php

Basic structure: associations - association.php

Exercise: patients and blood samples - patient.php

Exercise: cities and states - city.php

Exercise: library books - book.php

Discussion: more about keys - keys.php

UML design

Design pattern: many-to-many (order entry) - manymany.php

Exercise: building a database with notecards - notecards.php

Exercise: students and classes - student.php

Exercise: book authors - author.php

Exercise: auto repair - repair.php

Exercise: video rental - video.php

Exercise: Santa’s list - santa.php

Design pattern: many-to-many with history (the library loan) - loan.php

Exercise: employee timecards - timecard.php

Design pattern: subkeys (the zip code) - subkeys.php

Exercise: plant species - plants.php

Design pattern: repeated attributes (the phone book) - phone.php

Exercise: monthly publication usage - monthly.php

Exercise: faculty degrees - degree.php

Design pattern: multivalued attributes (hobbies) - hobbies.php

Exercise: software list - software.php

Discussion: more about domains - domains.php

Design pattern: enumerated domains - enum.php

Exercise: a pizza shop - pizza.php

Design pattern: subclasses - subclass.php

Exercise: sales commission - commission.php

Design pattern: aggregation - aggregate.php

Design pattern: recursive associations - recursive.php

Exercise: team games - games.php

Appendix: traditional normalization - normalize.php

SQL technique

Basic queries: SQL and RA - queries.php

Basic SQL statements: DDL and DML - ddldml.php

Basic query operation: the join - join.php

SQL technique: multiple joins and the distinct keyword - multijoin.php

SQL technique: join types - jointypes.php

SQL technique: functions - functions.php

SQL technique: subqueries - subqueries.php

SQL technique: union and minus - setops.php

SQL technique: views and indexes - views.php