Exercise: auto repair

You are designing a database for an automobile repair shop. When a customer brings in a vehicle, a service advisor will write up a repair order. This order will identify the customer and the vehicle, along with the date of service and the name of the advisor.

• A vehicle might need several different types of service in a single visit. These could include oil change, lubrication, rotate tires, and so on. Each type of service is billed at a pre-determined number of hours work, regardless of the actual time spent by the technician. Each type of service also has a flat “book rate” of dollars-per-hour that is charged.

• Describe each class in English.

• Draw the class diagram, including association classes if required.

• Describe each association in English (both directions).

• Draw the relation scheme.

The solution to this exercise will be discussed in class or posted online at a later date.