Photo: Maestro Goodman University of Illinois Symphony Orchestra, Bernard M. Goodman, Director
1964 South American Tour, “Virtual 40th Anniversary Reunion”

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Up to March 16th, this is from the “official” handout; after March 16th, it’s a combination of that and my own notes. I would welcome corrections and additions.

Friday, January 31sttraveling from Champaign to Houston, TexasBus to Chicago, Braniff flt 45 to Houston, motel overnight
Saturday, February 1sttraveling from Houston, Texas to Mexico City, MexicoPan American flt 501; briefing and reception
Sunday, February 2ndtraveling to Toluca, Mexico, by busConcert and reception, Toluca University
Monday, February 3rdin Mexico City, MexicoConcert, Bellas Artes
Tuesday, February 4thtraveling to Puebla, Mexico, by busConcert, Bellas Artes
Wednesday, February 5thtraveling to Jalapa, Mexico, by busConcert, reception
Thursday, February 6thtraveling to Veracruz, Mexico, by busConcert
Friday, February 7thtraveling back to Mexico City, by bus
Saturday, February 8thin Mexico City, MexicoFree day
Sunday, February 9thtraveling to Guanajuato, Mexico, by busConcert, reception
Monday, February 10thtraveling to Leon, Mexico, by busConcert
Tuesday, February 11thtraveling to Guadalajara, Mexico, by busConcert, reception
Wednesday, February 12thin Guadalajara, MexicoConcert
Thursday, February 13thtraveling back to Mexico City, by bus
Friday, February 14thtraveling from Mexico City to Tegucigalpa, HondurasPan American flt 501 to Guatamala City, flt 2501 to Tegucigalpa
Saturday, February 15thin Tegucigalpa, HondurasFree day
Sunday, February 16thin Tegucigalpa, HondurasConcert
Monday, February 17thin Tegucigalpa, HondurasConcert
Tuesday, February 18thtraveling from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula, HondurasCharter flight, concert
Wednesday, February 19thtraveling from San Pedro Sula to Tegucigalpa, HondurasCharter flight, concert
Thursday, February 20thtraveling from Tegucigalpa, Honduras to Managua, NicaraguaPan American flt 501
Friday, February 21stin Managua, NicaraguaBriefing, concert at Gonzalez Theater
Saturday, February 22ndin Managua, NicaraguaFree day
Sunday, February 23rdtraveling from Managua to Leon, Nicaragua and backConcert, Leon University
Monday, February 24thtraveling from Managua, Nicaragua to Panama City, PanamaRadio broadcast morning; Pan American flt 501
Tuesday, February 25thtraveling from Panama City, Panama to Caracas, VenezuelaPan American flt 515
Wednesday, February 26thin Caracas, VenezuelaBriefing
Thursday, February 27thin Caracas, VenezuelaConcert at Los Caracas
Friday, February 28thin Caracas, VenezuelaLos Caracas seminar
Saturday, February 29thin Caracas, VenezuelaLos Caracas seminar
Sunday, March 1stin Caracas, VenezuelaFree day
Monday, March 2ndin Caracas, VenezuelaConcert at Central University
Tuesday, March 3rdtraveling from Caracas to Maracay, VenezuelaConcert
Wednesday, March 4thtraveling from Maracay to Caracas, VenezuelaConcert at band shell
Thursday, March 5thsplit by sectionsWoodwinds, Valencia; brass, Puerto La Cruz; strings, Merida; remainder, Caracas
Friday, March 6thsplit by sectionsWoodwinds, Valencia; brass, Puerto La Cruz; strings, Merida; remainder, Caracas
Saturday, March 7thsplit by sectionsWoodwinds, Valencia; brass, Puerto La Cruz; strings, Merida; remainder, Caracas
Sunday, March 8thsplit by sectionsWoodwinds, Puerto Cabello; brass, Cumana; strings, Maracaibo; remainder, Caracas
Monday, March 9thsplit by sectionsFree day
Tuesday, March 10thsplit by sectionsWoodwinds, Puerto Cabello; brass, Cumana; strings, Maracaibo; remainder, Caracas
Wednesday, March 11thsplit by sectionsWoodwinds, Barquisimeto; brass, Ciudad Bolivar; strings, Coro; remainder, Caracas
Thursday, March 12thsplit by sectionsWoodwinds, Barquisimeto; brass, Ciudad Bolivar; strings, Coro; remainder, Caracas
Friday, March 13thsplit by sectionsWoodwinds, Barquisimeto; brass, Ciudad Bolivar; strings, Coro; remainder, Caracas
Saturday, March 14thsplit by sectionsWoodwinds, Barquisimeto; brass, Ciudad Bolivar; strings, Coro; remainder, Caracas
Sunday, March 15thin Caracas, VenezuelaFree day
Monday, March 16thtraveling from Caracas, Venezuela to Bogota, Columbia(TJ traveling from Champaign IL to Bogota)
Tuesday, March 17thin Bogota, Columbia, Hotel TequendamaBriefing, reception; concert cancelled due to equipment not arriving from Venezuela
Wednesday, March 18thin Bogota, ColumbiaString concert; full concert at Teatro Columbia
Thursday, March 19thin Bogota, ColumbiaConcert at Teatro Columbia
Friday, March 20thtraveling from Bogota to Medellin, ColumbiaAvianca flt 688/690, Lockheed Consellation; concert at Teatro Junin
Saturday, March 21stin Medellin, Columbia, Hotel NutibaraConcert at Teatro Junin
Sunday, March 22ndtraveling from Medellin to Pereira to Manizales, ColumbiaAvianca DC-4 and bus; concert at field house
Monday, March 23rdtraveling from Manizales to Pereira to Cali, ColumbiaBus and Avianca flt 743/701/663, DC-4; concert at Teatro Municipal
Tuesday, March 24thin Cali, Columbia, Hotel Alferez RealRehearsal, concert at Los Cristales open-air theater
Wednesday, March 25thin Cali, ColumbiaFree day
Thursday, March 26thtraveling from Cali to Bogota, ColumbiaMorning rehearsal; Avianca flt 712, DC-3 and flt 60, unknown aircraft
Friday, March 27thin Bogota, ColumbiaFree day
Saturday, March 28thtraveling from Bogota, Columbia to Sao Paulo, Brazil via Lima, Peru and Rio de JVarig flt 811, Convair 990A
Sunday, March 29thin Sao Paulo, Brazil, Hotel Othon PalaceFree day
Monday, March 30thin Sao Paulo, BrazilBriefing, string concert
Tuesday, March 31stin Sao Paulo, BrazilRehearsal, concert at Teatro Municipal
Wednesday, April 1stin Sao Paulo, BrazilReception, concert at Teatro Municipal; Brazilian President Goulart resigns, not as a result of our concert
Thursday, April 2ndin Sao Paulo, BrazilBriefing, rehearsal; trip to Belo Horizonte cancelled due to revolution
Friday, April 3rdin Sao Paulo, BrazilRehearsal, jazz and percussion ensemble TV show
Saturday, April 4thin Sao Paulo, BrazilFree day
Sunday, April 5thtraveling from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, BrazilVarig charter, Lockheed Super Constellation
Monday, April 6thin Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Hotel SerradorFree day
Tuesday, April 7thin Rio de Janeiro, BrazilRehearsal, concert at music school
Wednesday, April 8thin Rio de Janeiro, BrazilString concert, reception at embassy
Thursday, April 9thin Rio de Janeiro, BrazilConcert at music school
Friday, April 10thtraveling from Rio de Janeiro to Curitiba, BrazilVarig charter, Lockheed Super Constellation; reception
Saturday, April 11thin Curitiba, Brazil, Hotel IguacuRehearsal, concert at Teatro Guaira, unfinished building
Sunday, April 12thin Curitiba, BrazilFree day
Monday, April 13thtraveling from Curitiba to Porto Alegre, BrazilVarig charter, Lockheed Super Constellation
Tuesday, April 14thin Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2 hotelsLunch, reception at music school
Wednesday, April 15thin Porto Alegre, BrazilRehearsal, concert at university
Thursday, April 16thtraveling from Porto Alegre, Brazil to Buenos Aires, ArgentinaVarig charter, Lockheed Super Constellation; briefing and reception
Friday, April 17thin Buenos Aires, Argentina, Hotel ClaridgeString concert; full concert at law school
Saturday, April 18thin Buenos Aires, ArgentinaFree day
Sunday, April 19thtraveling from Buenos Aires to La Plata, Argentina and back, by busRehearsal, concert at Teatro Argentina
Monday, April 20thtraveling from Buenos Aires to Bahia Blanca, ArgentinaAerolineas Argentinas charter, DC-4
Tuesday, April 21stin Bahia Blanca, Argentina, 5 hotelsConcert
Wednesday, April 22ndtraveling from Bahia Blanca to Cordoba, ArgentinaAerolineas Argentinas charter, Avro 748
Thursday, April 23rdin Cordoba, Argentina, Hotel SussexConcert at Teatro Rivera Indarte
Friday, April 24thin Cordoba, ArgentinaFree day
Saturday, April 25thin Cordoba, ArgentinaString concert at City University
Sunday, April 26thin Cordoba, ArgentinaConcert at Teatro Rivera Indarte
Monday, April 27thtraveling from Cordoba to Tucuman, ArgentinaAerolineas Argentinas charter, Avro 748
Tuesday, April 28thin Tucuman, Argentina, Hotel SavoyRehearsal, concert at Teatro San Martin
Wednesday, April 29thtraveling from Tucuman to San Juan, ArgentinaAerolineas Argentinas charter, Avro 748
Thursday, April 30thin San Juan, Argentina, 4 hotelsConcert at Teatro Estornell
Friday, May 1stin San Juan, ArgentinaFree day
Saturday, May 2ndtraveling from San Juan to Mendoza, Argentina by bus, then to Santiago, ChileAerolineas Argentinas charter, unpressurized DC-4 and Caravelle
Sunday, May 3rdin Santiago, Chile, Hotel EmperadorBriefing, 2 rehearsals
Monday, May 4thin Santiago, ChileRehearsal, concert at Teatro Municipal
Tuesday, May 5thin Santiago, ChileString concert, rehearsal
Wednesday, May 6thin Santiago, ChileConcert at Teatro Municipal
Thursday, May 7thin Santiago, ChileOvernight train to Conception, Chile
Friday, May 8thin Conception, Chile, 2 hotelsRehearsal
Saturday, May 9thin Conception, ChileConcert at university field house; overnight train to Santiago
Sunday, May 10thtraveling from Santiago, Chile to La Paz, BoliviaPanagra charter, DC-7
Monday, May 11thin La Paz, Bolivia, Hotel Sucre PalaceBriefing, reception
Tuesday, May 12thin La Paz, BoliviaConcert at Teatro Municipal
Wednesday, May 13thin La Paz, Boliviarehearsal with Bolivian National Symphony
Thursday, May 14thtraveling from La Paz to Cochabamba, Bolivia, by bus15 hours on the road!
Friday, May 15thin Cochabamba, Bolivia, 2 hotelsFree day
Saturday, May 16thin Cochabamba, BoliviaConcert at Teatro Municipal
Sunday, May 17thin Cochabamba, BoliviaString concert, reception
Monday, May 18thin Cochabamba, BoliviaWind rehearsal; Sucre trip cancelled because no one was going to get on another bus
Tuesday, May 19thin Cochabamba, BoliviaWind rehearsal
Wednesday, May 20thin Cochabamba, BoliviaWind and string concerts at Anglo-American Institute
Thursday, May 21stin Cochabamba, BoliviaWind rehearsal
Friday, May 22ndin Cochabamba, BoliviaFree day
Saturday, May 23rdtraveling from Cochabamba, Bolivia, to La Paz, BoliviaLineas Aereas Bolivianas flt 956, DC-6
Sunday, May 24thin La Paz, BoliviaConcert at open-air theater
Monday, May 25thin La Paz, BoliviaConcert at Teatro Municipal
Tuesday, May 26thtraveling from La Paz, Bolivia to Lima, PeruPanagra flt 720, DC-7
Wednesday, May 27thin Lima, Peru, Hotel BolivarBriefing; concert and Ariquipa trip cancelled due to national mourning and martial law following soccer riot
Thursday, May 28thin Lima, PeruFree day
Friday, May 29thin Lima, PeruFree day
Saturday, May 30thin Lima, PeruFree day
Sunday, May 31stin Lima, PeruFree day
Monday, June 1stin Lima, PeruRehearsal, concert at Teatro Municipal
Tuesday, June 2ndin Lima, PeruChildren's concert; string concert at Engineering School
Wednesday, June 3rdin Lima, PeruReception at embassy; pisco sours flow like water, orchestra is poured onto airplane.
Thursday, June 4thtraveling from Lima, Peru to Champaign, Illinois USAPanagra flt 080, DC-8 to Miami; Eastern flt 116, DC-8 to Chicago; home by bus

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