Photo: Maestro Goodman University of Illinois Symphony Orchestra, Bernard M. Goodman, Director
1964 South American Tour, “Virtual 40th Anniversary Reunion”

In memoriam: Maestro Goodman, Prof. Delaney, Col. Johnson, and former students David Moskovitz (before the 25th reunion), Dennis Cleveland, Ed Marzuki, and Alice Preves (reported by other tour members), Joe Pival and Buck Wade (see their listings below).

Tom Jewett, cello and clarinet
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Currently full-time lecturer in computer science, Cal State University Long Beach (teaching database design, web design, user interface design); also Chair of the computer ethics group within a major professional society. After U of I, two years as band director in Rockford; 20 years in U.S. Air Force (retired Lt.Col.); college teaching since then. MS computer science, UC Santa Barbara; MS systems management, USC; PhD aborted, UC Irvine. Hobbies: woodworking, photography, travel, architecture, cooking, music (although sadly no longer an active player—just got the bow re-haired; practicing first-position scales in whole notes).