Photo: Maestro Goodman University of Illinois Symphony Orchestra, Bernard M. Goodman, Director
1964 South American Tour, “Virtual 40th Anniversary Reunion”

Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 05:56:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: Skidmore William
Subject: Tucuman

I think it was Tucuman -- we were flying into one of the Argentine towns and it was announced on the plane that there were two hotels in town -- one nice one and the other not so. The guys would have to "rough" it again. A groan went up, and some of the girls said they could tough it for a change, so it was decided that the guys would get the "nice" place and the girls would get the other. When we got there, the "not-so" place was right across the street, and it looked quite nice -- wood lattice work around a quaint balcony around the building.

At dinner that evening it was announced that the girls would appreciate an escort to their rooms. I remember taking Jeanie Wilson over there, walking up to the desk, and the clerk presented me with a key before I said what room she needed. It turned out that the girls were staying in the local brothel! As I recall, no one seemed to have any trouble, but it was good for a laugh.

Was it there that there was a big gambling casino on the main floor of our hotel? I also remember seeing a huge cockroach in that hotel as well.


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