Photo: Maestro Goodman University of Illinois Symphony Orchestra, Bernard M. Goodman, Director
1964 South American Tour, “Virtual 40th Anniversary Reunion”

Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2004 17:41:44 -0400
From: Dean M Wade
Subject: May Wine Festival

One of many stories that I remember was the May Wine Festival shown in one of the pictures. We had quite an adventure finding the ingredients to make the May Wine. A good Rhein-style local Riesling wasn't too hard to find, nor were the Brandy or 'Champagne', and there was plenty of wonderful freshly-baked bread and great cheese, but the Waldmeister was a non-starter, and Strawberries were out of season. However, a couple of years earlier, Stutsman and I had done some research in the process of trying to find Waldmeister / Woodruff in C-U, and discovered that the major flavoring ingredient was vanillin, a major ingredient of, strangely enough, Vanilla. So we found some vanilla beans, substituted Apples for the Strawberries, and things worked out pretty well. I remember we conned a couple of the bus drivers into taking us out to a lovely spot in the country -- a clearing near a charming brook. There are many tales from the festival itself, but the one which is burned (heh heh) into my memory is a vision of Fred Hazard (aka Mike Combs), who had climbed a tree to see a bit better. Some other folks had built a bonfire, and as Mike was sitting on one of the branches, folks fed the fire so that from some angles, the fire seemed to be licking at his feet (really not at all that close, but ...), and it seemed quite natural that many of the Orchestra started singing themes from 'La Triunfa de Santa Juana' which we had played the night before. All in all, a lovely day off.

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